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Foundation To Honor John Lewis and His Wife, Lillian Miles, Announced On His Birthday

Monday would have been the 82nd birthday of the legendary Civil Rights activist and long-time U.S. R ep.   who passed away in 2020 after a battle with cancer. Lawmakers have been trying to make his legacy live on with , but it continues to hit roadblocks .

While we wait for Congress to get their act together, others have found a way to honor Lewis and his wife, Lillian Miles Lewis. According to The John and Lillian Miles Lewis Foundation was announced on Monday to “strengthen democracy through civic engagement” and to “ amplify the voices of rising generations.”

Former chief of staff to Lewis, Linda Earley Chastang, will serve as the foundation’s president. Chastang spoke some words about the dedication and care that made this come true.


“Throughout their lives, the Lewises consistently demonstrated their love of learning, their unwavering devotion to helping others and their steadfast commitment to peace and building the ‘beloved community’,” Chastang said in a statement.

“They were dedicated to creating a world in which the dignity and worth of every human being is recognized and valued. We are honored to advance the Lewises’ vision,” she added.

The foundation also will host an inaugural gala in Washington in May, which will celebrate Lewis’s life and serve as a fundraiser for the organization. Lewis’s son, John-Miles Lewis, who will serve as an event co-chair, noted how everything is made with his dad’s vision in mind.

From the :

“When my dad thought of this foundation, it was his vision that it would support good work, inspire good troublemaking, and do its part to make the world a better place,” Lewis’ son, John-Miles, said in a news release announcing the gala.

Source: Foundation To Honor John Lewis and His Wife, Lillian Miles, Announced On His Birthday

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