How the South works out: EFitness Studio tones with TRX

Trainer Elijah Askew uses TRX to help his North Carolina-based clientele level up their fitness—because the best summers are ones where you feel and look your best!

When you are embarking on a fitness journey, there are many different options to try—but how many will really get you fit? As in, getting your body looking ripped, toned, healthy, muscular and in shape through working out? And even when you do exercise and try out the gym, do you even know what you are doing—or how to do it safely? What machines work best for you and your body type? How many repetitions will help you reach your desired goal?

A fitness journey can get confusing and uninspiring real fast, which is why working with a trainer can make a huge difference. If you’re residing in or planning an extended visit to the Asheville, North Carolina area, EFitness Studio might be ideal for you.


Located in neighboring Hendersonville, EFitness Studio is a workout studio founded by Elijah Askew, an experienced fitness guru with over 20 years of experience. After intense training as a former college athlete, Askew dedicated his life to pushing both minds and bodies to new limits, because we are only as great as we think we are. Often, our minds tell us we are not capable of physically achieving things our bodies are quite capable of, making the transformation of the mind the first key to transforming the body.

Just one glance at Askew makes clear his commitment to physical and mental health, wealth, and all things fit and toned has been paying off. Described as “amazing and very knowledgeable” by his clientele, he is paying it forward with EFitness studio, his way to connect with the masses and train the body at the top levels. 

When you visit EFitness Studio’s website you will notice an emphasis on TRX-style workouts—that is because EFitness is TRX-only workout studio. Askew’s goal is to help clients build a healthy body through TRX suspension, rip training, and individual attention. Each EFitness class is 50 minutes to an hour and is based on the high-intensity interval training technique EMOM. EMOM is an acronym for “every minute on the minute,” challenging clients to complete exercise reps in less than 60 seconds with a high sweat factor of five.

Then, you have TRX Tabata, a high-intensity workout that offers maximum benefits in the least amount of time, also with a sweat factor of five. EFitness’ TRX Rip Leaner Faster Stronger is a class that utilizes the TRX rip trainer to blend around 15 strength training exercises with fast-paced metabolic conditioning to help improve power, and the list goes on.

The process of joining EFitness is an indication of the individual attention Askew gives his clients. Before booking classes online, you must create a profile, where you can also ask questions about challenges you might be facing and concerns. To learn more about how to get a workout tailored to your needs, visit the EFitness Studio website.

Noel Cymone Walker is an NYC-based writer specializing in beauty, fashion, music, travel, and cultural anthropology. She has written and produced visuals for several notable publications such as The Recording Academy/ The Grammys, The Fader, Billboard, OkayPlayer, Marie Claire, Glamour, Allure, Essence, Ebony, and more.

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