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Stacey Abrams Sues Georgia To Gain Unlimited Fundraising Committee Access

Georgia has a lot going on in terms of the 2022 midterm races. Voters have to worry about battling voting passed in April 2021, which has led to an increase of . B, and a ” is on the horizon.

For candidates specifically, it’s the change in campaign finance laws that are making things difficult. Last year, Georgia lawmakers created a “leadership committee” in –allowing certain people and groups to accept unlimited contributions. The governor and lieutenant governor, opposing major party nominees, and both party caucuses in the state House and Senate can form the committees. Limits on how much donors could give to the committees do not apply. There is also no limit on when the committees can raise money.

Democratic candidate is filing suit for access to these special committees, . Right now, Abrams has no opponents in the gubernatorial election. Her campaign and the state are in dispute over whether she qualifies as a nominee before the primary. State Democratic Party Chair Rep. Nikema Williams echoes Abrams’ argument that she is the nominee in a .

Lauren Groh-Wargo, Abrams’s campaign manager, also says this disadvantage is causing :


“Early fundraising supports later fundraising by demonstrating a candidate’s political viability and widespread appeal, particularly in a high-dollar statewide election in a swing state like Governor of Georgia,” she wrote.

Abrams also calls the law itself “unconstitutional” and labeled it a “poorly-designed if potent, scheme for incumbency protection” benefiting Kemp.


“Plaintiffs thus are competing to raise funds with one hand tied behind their backs compared to Gov. Kemp, who effectively enjoys two campaign committees — one of which can raise funds in unlimited amounts as he looks ahead to a competitive statewide election in the foremost swing state in the nation.”

Executive director of the state Campaign Finance Commission David Emadi “the commission doesn’t determine whether someone is a party’s nominee.” Instead, it’s “the secretary of state in consultation with the Department of Law.”

Gov. Kemp’s Georgians First Leadership Committee In the Republican primary, Gov. Kemp has already been by primary opponent . A judge stated Kemp could not spend any more money from the committee during the primary. However, he could keep taking in cash for the general election.

Source: Stacey Abrams Sues Georgia To Gain Unlimited Fundraising Committee Access

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