Conscious Capitalist Group’s Youth Social Innovation Challenge Empowers Kids to Help

The Conscious Capitalist Group Youth Social Innovation Challenge

Charlottesville, VA— April 14, 2020 — The Conscious Capitalist Group has partnered with Vinegar Hill Magazine, and Level Up Broadus to ask kids for their most innovative product or service ideas to help those negatively affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“People at every level are experiencing the impacts of this pandemic. Who better to turn to for unique solutions to this crisis than our kids?” said Robert Gray, President and Co-founder of The Conscious Capitalist Group. “I want to empower our youth and local businesses to be a part of lasting social change.”

A video explaining the Youth Social Innovation Challenge will be posted on Conscious Capitalist Group’s Facebook page and Instagram @ccgffoundation.

Individuals and businesses interested in supporting this effort are encouraged to donate through the links provided via it’s social media links.

“Vinegar Hill chose to be a partner because we believe in the work of Conscious Capitalist Group in general and the promise of this project in particular,” said Sarad Davenport, Digital Strategist and Content Manager at Vinegar Hill Magazine and former Executive Director of City of Promise. “We are honored to use the publication’s voice to lift up and highlight the work of deserving young people who are working to improve their community through social innovation and entrepreneurship.”

The Youth Social Innovation Challenge:

Record a 45 second or less video explaining your idea and be as creative in your delivery as you are with your ideas!5 winners, grades 7-12 in the Charlottesville-Albemarle County area, will be selected to be featured in Vinegar Hill Magazine, win $100 each, and an additional $500 in groceries that will be donated to the homeless population. Submissions will be graded on Creativity, Delivery, and Content by members of local non-profit organizations and area businesses. All videos must be received by May 4, 2020.

Email submissions to

For more information (press or donations only), contact: Robert Gray, President, Conscious Capitalist Group Foundation (434) 409-5535

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