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“A Time to Yell: More Than a Statue” – Charlottesville’s Untold Stories on Screen

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The Charlottesville “Unite the Right” rally of 2017 is a moment etched in our memory. But what led to that day and how did the community experience it? “A Time to Yell: More Than a Statue” dives deeper, offering a unique perspective from those who lived through it.

This documentary, led by former city council member Dr. Wes Bellamy, explores the events leading up to the rally, the day’s violence, and the lingering impact. It’s not just a story about hate; it’s about the Charlottesville community, their resilience, and their fight for what’s right, according to Dr. Bellamy.

A TIME TO YELL: MORE THAN A STATUE – OFFICIAL TRAILER 2024 from Untouchable Creative on Vimeo.

Free Screening and Live Talk Back

Join the FREE screening of “A Time to Yell: More Than a Statue” on Tuesday at The Paramount Theater of Charlottesville! The Tonsler League presents this special event hosted by Denzel Jones with music by Nicholas Feggans. Doors open at 7:00 PM.

Immediately after the documentary, there will be a live talk back moderated by your sister, MSNBC Commentator Symone D. Sanders Townsend. The panel features former Charlottesville Mayor Nikuyah Walker, William Jones III, Courtney Commander, Angela Saylor, and Michelle Feggans.

Our Story, Our Voices

“This documentary is about us, the Charlottesville community,” said Dr. Bellamy. “ You will see the faces and hear the voices of people rarely featured on screen. It’s the story of the people at the park, those who fought back, those who strive forward – our people!” “This documentary goes beyond the headlines. Charlottesville is much more than a hashtag or the violence of 2017,” Dr. Bellamy emphasizes. “We are a strong community with a powerful story to tell, in our own voices.”

Dr. Bellamy will be live today on IMHO Talk Radio Show Sunday 23 June 2024 discussing the film and community viewing.


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