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Best In Black Cville 2024

Best in Black Cville is here for 2024! In collaboration with Soul of Cville, we are celebrating the exceptional contributions of Black individuals and businesses in Charlottesville and central Virginia. Best In Black Cville is our commitment to celebrating our diversity and excellence and shedding light on those who inspire through their hard work, creativity, and leadership.

Categories span a wide array of sectors, from business and entrepreneurship to arts, entertainment, and community service. Each nominee represents some of the best  our community has to offer, embodying Charlottesville’s true spirit of perseverance and innovation. The Best in Black Cville Awards not only recognize outstanding achievements but also foster a sense of unity and pride within our neighborhood.

Community members are encouraged to cast their votes and support their favorite nominees. Voting is simple and accessible, but don’t delay—voting closes on June 30th! Winners will be announced at a live presentation during the Soul of Cville kickoff on August 16, 2024. This collaboration with Soul of Cville amplifies our work of creating impact and bringing together a broader community to celebrate and uplift Black excellence.

This event is made possible by the generous support of the Black Professional Network and the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center. Don’t miss this opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the remarkable achievements within our community. Cast your vote today and help highlight the individuals and businesses that make Charlottesville and central Virginia a dynamic and thriving place to live, work, and create!

To vote, please visit:

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