Coverage of COVID-19 Returns as “Still Determined”

Beginning on February 16, 2021, the Charlottesville Inclusive Media Project and journalist Samantha Willis will revisit the previous Determined series and embark on a community storytelling project “Still Determined” to contextualize and explore the immediate impacts and long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Central Virginia community. This multimodal storytelling project employs art by Sahara Clemons, audio-visual content by Lorenzo Dickerson, and journalism to explore the realities of the pandemic, highlight stories of resilience and struggle, and examine the possibilities and difficulties of building a stronger and more inclusive community.

In this project, we have chosen to focus on the following 5 key areas:

  • Virus Vaccination
  • COVID Effects on Education
  • Mental Health Challenges
  • Economic Challenges and Opportunities
  • Long-Term Implications in a Post-Pandemic World

The stories will be co-produced by all partners of the CIM Project and appear on all outlets’ channels and platforms with the intention of building a larger, more diverse, audience than either outlet currently reaches. The reporting energy will center on how the social determinants of health operate in people’s lives and how people, systems, and processes play a role in creating the current and future conditions. The collective approach is designed to uplift a collective community voice that explores how systems should be equitably reconstructed in a post-COVID world.

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A Letter to my Younger Self

by Quinton Harrell Before my wife and I were married, before we were even dating, I would often marvel over her recurring references to her parents in our conversations about life, love, and learning. I was quite fascinated with the hyperbole, which it seemed to be...

Mayor Nikuyah Walker

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Blue Skies: Mayor Nikuyah Walker in Her Own Words

With this as the backdrop, we talked for three hours about equity, partnerships, governing style, and much more in a conversation that could have continued all day, if not interrupted by a family emergency. I hope to continue our discussion and present it here at another time. As always Mayor Walker was candid and fearless with her responses and insights. What comes through in our discussion is that she remains a champion of the under-represented as she is willing to force conversations that some deem difficult.

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Still Determined: Mending Minds of Color

Still Determined: Mending Minds of Color

A Charlottesville mental health services agency helps holistically heal the minds, bodies and spirits of Black, Latinx, and underprivileged women, as other groups offer mental health support to local people of color. By Samantha Willis | Photos by Lorenzo Dickerson |...

Still Determined: Vaccine Vexation

Still Determined: Vaccine Vexation

Black and Latinx people are dying disproportionately from COVID-19 in the Piedmont region; why have so few been vaccinated? by Samantha Willis | Photos by Lorenzo Dickerson | Art by Sahara Clemons In the final month of the turbulent year 2020, Sandra Lindsay – a New...

Determined Epilogue: A conversation with Charlottesville Mayor Nikuyah Walker 

Determined Epilogue: A conversation with Charlottesville Mayor Nikuyah Walker 

In closing the Determined series, we wanted readers to hear from Mayor Nikuyah Walker. Born and raised in Charlottesville, and having devoted much of her life to serving others, Walker is in a unique position that affords her daily conversations with the region’s most determined residents, and those who are often not prioritized by our systems and structures. She is also the only Black official on either the City Council or the Board of Supervisors.