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Engaging Discussion on Housing, Redevelopment, and Real Estate Draws Charlottesville Community

Charlottesville, VA – On Thursday, November 9th, Vinegar Hill Magazine and In My Humble Opinion Talk Show hosted a vibrant discussion on housing, redevelopment, and real estate in Charlottesville, bringing together more than 75 community members, experts, and stakeholders for an insightful exchange of ideas. The event, held at the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center, addressed the pressing issues surrounding housing affordability, redevelopment’s impact on low-income communities, and the role of real estate in shaping the local housing landscape.

A panel of esteemed experts, including Dr. Wes Bellamy, Chair of the Housing Commission, Sunshine Mathon, CEO of the Piedmont Housing Alliance, Waki Wynn, Board President of the AHIP, Sam Sanders, City Manager of the City of Charlottesville, Joy Johnson, Founder of PHAR, and S. Lisa Herndon, President of the CAAR, delved into the complexities of these issues, providing valuable insights and perspectives.

“The audience definitely needed more time to talk, yet the level of engagement and thoughtfulness from the audience was truly inspiring,” remarked Sarad Davenport one of the organizers. “The questions and comments raised during the discussion highlighted the community’s deep concern about housing affordability, equitable development, and the need for inclusive housing solutions.”

Dr. Wes Bellamy, Chair of the Housing Commission, emphasized the importance of open dialogue in addressing these challenges. “I thought it was dope for real,” he stated. “We need spaces for us to have those authentic conversations. It also made me realize how disconnected local government is to our people on the ground.”

The event concluded with a call to action, encouraging attendees to stay engaged and actively participate in shaping the future of housing in Charlottesville. The organizers expressed their gratitude to everyone who attended and contributed to the success of the event.

Organizers Sarad Davenport of Vinegar Hill Magazine and Charles Lewis of In My Humble Opinion Talk Show

Can I Talk to You C-Ville, the series that hosted this discussion, is generously supported by funding from the American Press Institute. To stay informed about future events and engage in ongoing discussions on these critical issues, subscribe to Vinegar Hill Magazine.

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