Exclusive: Blair Underwood on the Buffalo Soldiers, Growing Up in a Military Family and Telling the Untold Stories of Black PeopleThe Root

Everyone knows Blair Underwood right? Golden Globe-nominated and award-winning actor, he’s known for his roles in popular TV shows like L.A. Law and Sex and the City. He’s beloved by many for his iconic roles in the movies Set It Off, Deep Impact, and Something New.

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Manifesting the Maldives

by Michaela Nicole So, the top of everyone’s bucket list is the Maldives, it’s the dream trip of a lifetime. The water, the beaches, the island atmosphere, I mean who wouldn’t want to go?  I was recently given the gift of traveling to the Maldives for my birthday...

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The Glow Up Style Awards: Health & WellnessThe Root

The Glow Up Style Awards: Health & WellnessThe Root

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