Finartech Podcast Launches

The founders of Finartech are Yolanda Rush and Sarad Davenport. They are both serial entrepreneurs with a track record for building sustainable operations. They both have over 40 years of combined experience in the tech and creative industry and met years ago working for one of the most well known financial education and credentialing organizations in the world. Their life and professional experience position them perfectly to be the leaders and curators of this community. Finartech is a community of practice for those who are in the Finance, Art/Creative, and Technology fields. Our mantra is that Finartech is where finance, art and technology converge. We have all heard of the collision that has happened in the Finance and Technology industry, but we are arguing that in the midst of this new frontier we are on, some people have mistakenly left the creatives out of the conversation, hence the name Finartech. We believe developing this community of practice will provide an ecosystem of people who will commit time, talent and treasure to make a sustainable and regenerative community.

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