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Indie Short Film Festival Rolls In

by STAFF WRITER | Photo from film Essex Girls

The Indie Short Film Festival is rolling into Charlottesville this coming weekend, March 22nd to 24th. It’s like a big upgrade from your usual movie night, with tons of cool short films to watch. More than 70 short films, crafted by filmmakers from diverse locations, will be screened at various downtown venues including Violet Crown, Vinegar Hill Theatre, Common House, Vault Virginia, and the Bradbury. Catching multiple screenings is incredibly convenient with these central locations!

This festival is more than just watching films. You’ll get to meet the people who made the films! They’ll be there to chat about their work, what inspired them, and the challenges of making movies on their own. There are all kinds of stories to see, from films that were shown at the famous Sundance Film Festival to hidden gems you won’t find anywhere else. No matter what kind of movies you like, there’s something for you.. Festival creator Ty Cooper expresses, “Art is a diverse mechanism to express subcultures in a way to allow one to virtually share who they are. The Indie Short Film Festival provides the filmmaker with the vehicle to take it to the people.”

Some highly skilled filmmakers are slated to appear at the festival in Charlottesville. Attendees will have the chance to interact with Emmy award-winning directors and writers through panel discussions, possibly gaining insights into their craft. The festival caters to all, regardless of expertise in cinema. Exciting features include script readings, offering a glimpse into the process of bringing a screenplay to fruition, as well as movie discussions facilitating conversation among attendees. The weekend commences with a lively party featuring a DJ and a Cellist, setting a vibrant tone for the festivities.

Here’s how to be part of the Indie Short Film Festival:

  • Get Tickets: There are different ticket options – you can see everything with an All-Access Pass, catch all the movies with a Movie Buff Pass, or just pick a few films with individual tickets. Grab yours online at
  • Panels & Readings: These are free and open to everyone (people with passes get first dibs on seats).

Stay in the Loop:

Don’t miss out on this awesome chance to explore the world of independent film! Join us for the first-ever Indie Short Film Festival and celebrate storytelling right here in Charlottesville!

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