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Vinegar Hill Magazine is proud to announce that we have been granted a $50,000 award from the Borealis Philanthropy’s Racial Equity in Journalism Fund (REJ)which seeks to strengthen a future where communities of color are powerful.’ The REJ does this ‘by nourishing and building up the capacity and sustainability of both news organizations and journalism ecosystem partners led by people of color.

We started as a grassroots effort to counter the narrative of legacy media that rarely portrayed Black people in a positive way. Instead of depending on the news media to change, we set out on our own course—to set the record straight and to tell a more inclusive and complete story about Black people in Charlottesville. At the beginning, it started as a newsletter but evolved into something more. It became a community building tool that linked past to present and generation to generation— reimagining a community that had been brutally and historically marginalized. 

We know that we carry on the legacy of the likes of Ida B. Wells and the founders of the Black press who sought to create a more inclusive narrative in America. In Charlottesville, we know we stand on the shoulders of T.J. Sellers and Fleming E. Alexander (The Reflectorand the Tribune). We also understand that this work is greater than any of us individually, and the commitment to telling our own story and freely interpreting our reality is as important now as it ever has been.

We are grateful to Borealis Philanthropy and others who see our work as critical and important. With these funds, we plan to build a sustainable and regenerative organization that carries on the legacy of Black media by championing Black joy, telling a more complete story, and being a beacon of hope and light in dark times. 

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Vinegar Hill Magazine is a space that is designed to support and project a more inclusive social narrative, to promote entrepreneurship, and to be a beacon for art, culture, and politics in Central Virginia.


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