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Vinegar Hill Magazine Joins Forces with Black Media Initiative to Bridge the Digital Divide

Vinegar Hill Magazine is proud to be a partner of the Black Media Initiative at the City University of New York (CUNY). This initiative is a vital program that addresses the challenges faced by Black-owned media outlets in the digital age.

The initiative offers a variety of resources, including training sessions, networking opportunities, and expert consultations, all designed to help Black media thrive online. Vinegar Hill Magazine has benefited from these programs, gaining valuable insights into audience development, digital marketing, and revenue generation.

“The Black Media Initiative has been a game-changer for us,” says Sarad Davenport, COO of Vinegar Hill Magazine. “Their support has allowed us to expand our reach and connect with new audiences in a meaningful way.”

To learn more about the Black Media Initiative and its impactful work, click here to read the full story in the New York Amsterdam News.

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Vinegar Hill Magazine is a space that is designed to support and project a more inclusive social narrative, to promote entrepreneurship, and to be a beacon for art, culture, and politics in Central Virginia.


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