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Charlottesville High School Appoints New Interim Leader

Amidst a period of uncertainty at Charlottesville High School, Dr. Gurley, a representative of Charlottesville City Schools, has announced the appointment of Mr. Kenneth Leatherwood as the interim leader of the school. This decision comes following the resignation of Mr. Pitt, the previous principal.

Mr. Leatherwood, a highly respected member of the community, has been widely recommended for the position. His deep-rooted connections within the community and his extensive experience within the school system make him an ideal candidate to guide Charlottesville High School through this transitional phase.

Mr. Leatherwood’s career in Charlottesville City Schools spans several decades, when he began as a teacher and basketball coach at Charlottesville High School. He later transitioned into administrative roles, including a six-year term as the school’s principal. His responsibilities extended to the division’s central offices, where he worked in human resources and oversaw alternative learning programs. Despite retiring in 2012, Mr. Leatherwood has remained actively involved in the school system, serving as an interim principal at various schools within the district.

Mr. Leatherwood’s influence extends beyond his professional roles, reaching many staff, students, and families through his years as a coach, his leadership in his church, and his ongoing presence as a neighbor and community leader.

Mr. Leatherwood is scheduled to assume his new role immediately following the Thanksgiving Break. The search for a permanent principal for Charlottesville High School is already underway, and the position is available for applications online.

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