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SteppeMedia LLC Unveils VHEPC’s New Website Redesign: A Leap into a Future of Data-Driven Procurement 

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – Jun 12, 2023 – Virginia Higher Education Procurement Consortium (VHEPC) unveiled its reimagined website, designed and executed by SteppeMedia LLC. The revamped website represents a new era in data-driven procurement, providing a robust platform for higher education institutions in Virginia and vendors across the nation. 

VHEPC, founded in 2014, serves as a leading procurement consortium, providing a platform for the management of a vast network of contracts. The consortium oversees 144 active contracts, with a cumulative contract spend exceeding $1.2 billion and reported savings of $104 million. This redesign serves to further streamline access to this information and the services provided by VHEPC. 

The redesigned website offers a comprehensive and user-friendly interface, allowing VHEPC members to easily navigate through a wide range of resources, from computers and lab supplies to laundry services and beyond. Additionally, non-members looking to do business but lacking the resources for a Request for Proposal (RFP) can now access many of VHEPC’s cooperative contracts via the website. 

For vendors, the redesigned website presents a lucrative opportunity. VHEPC’s data analytics capability facilitates the structuring of cooperative contracts based on the full-spend potential of the 36 schools the Consortium represents. This structure offers vendors the chance to engage in business with not just one, but potentially many of the Consortium’s members. 

The redesign by SteppeMedia LLC places VHEPC at the forefront of procurement consortium websites, offering a sleek, modern, and user-friendly design, underscoring VHEPC’s commitment to creating value for all. This new website is a testament to VHEPC’s dedication to building a best-in-class procurement consortium for Virginia’s higher education institutions, expanding business opportunities for vendors, and sharing the use and benefits of its cooperative contracts with agencies in need. 

For more information, please visit the redesigned website at

VHEPC was established in 2014 as a procurement consortium for Virginia’s higher education institutions, aiming to provide value to all members through data-driven procurement. 

About SteppeMedia LLC
SteppeMedia LLC is a leading digital media company, specializing in website design and maintenance. They are committed to creating modern, efficient, and user-friendly digital platforms for businesses and organizations of all sizes. 

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